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Pixel Warfare 3

minecraft_little_png_creeper__redsheep_collestion__by_epicartmaniac-d8qv151I have a big surprise for the fans of Pixel Warfare game – a new version of the legendary minecraft-themed shooting game Pixel Warfare 3. The new version offers you a lot of upgrades including new weapons and new maps. Pixel Warfare 3 is a shooting game with a lot of different weapons and other interesting things. Like all shooters, here you must kill your enemies to succeed and win the battle. The graphics of the game is not great, for me it is a bit old fashioned but the minecraft fans will enjoy it.

The most interesting feature of the Pixel Warfare 3 is an online multiplayer mode. As soon as you register a free account in the game you can join different servers and play with real players.At the beginning of the warfare you must choose your side – Red Or Blue. Game continues until all players of same color are dead. Don’t wait, try the full version of Pixel Warfare 3 right now at our website. Have Fun and share your thoughts.